The organization of the Services and Tours contained in this website is develop by Vasco Faleiro, entrepreneur on individual behalf. Commercial name Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events, with the head office at Rua Barbosa Du Bocage, lote 62 3º Direito, 2635- 413 Rio de Mouro, with RNAVT nº 384-2019.


Local guides, meals, some transport service providers (for exemple buses, trains or boats) and other necessary services are contracted to third parties and are not employees of Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events. In the provision of these services, Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events provides only services as a sales agent and is not responsible for any claims against these entities resulting from shares on its behalf.


Only claims and refund requests that have been submitted in writing by the complainant to Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events will be considered within 5 days of the company providing the service. All disputes will be resolved in the Lisbon District Court, to the express exclusion of any other.


Reservations for any service must be made directly with Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events.

Reservations can be made by telephone or email, both available on our digital platforms.

Reservations will only be considered confirmed upon receipt of payment of the total amount of the reservation and sending the respective proof of payment.

Payment can be made by credit card using Paypal, Bank Transfer or by MBWAY to the number indicated at the time of booking.

After the payment date with the payment of the Payment Proof may take up to 8 business days for the amount paid to be available in the Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events account.

During this 8-day period, payment for reasons entirely unrelated to Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events may not be considered valid.

If we do not receive the final payment on the scheduled date, the reservation will be cancelled. Our cancellation policy will apply


Reservations will only be considered valid upon receipt of the entire value of the service, unless otherwise stated in writing.

Once the reservation is made, the following cancellation charges will apply in case of cancellation of the reservation or accommodation:

  • Before 30 days of the agreed date: 20% of the total amount paid – 80% of the total amount paid will be refunded;
  • 30 to 16 days before the agreed date: 35% of the total amount paid – 65% of the total amount paid will be refunded;
  • 15 to 8 days before the agreed date: 50% of the total amount paid – 50% of the total amount paid will be refunded;
  • 7 days before the agreed date: 100% of the total amount paid – No money back;
  • No-show on the day of the service: 100% of the total amount Paid – No money back.

All cancellation charges are subject to additional charges incurred by Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events with transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, contracted services or other non-refundable charges related to the booking made by the Customer.


Changes to bookings after the first payment are subject to:

  • Confirmation of availability for the new dates;
  • Change of values initially proposed.

If the new values resulting from the change are different from the values initially proposed, the respective adjustments will be made.

Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events reserves the right (and delegates to its drivers) to refuse carriage to anyone who is presently under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behavior is considered a threat to the driver, vehicle, or other passengers.

Smoking is not allowed in transport vehicles.

Cazzulu – Wellbeing Tours & Events strives to comfortably transport the passenger and fulfill the Itineraries of each Tour that are described in the offer. However, circumstances such as exceptional weather conditions, works, or inhibitions of passage by accident, among others, may prevent the realization of this responsibility.

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